The most common question when it comes to headshots is “what should I wear”.   Here are some great tips below to help you prepare for your professional headshot.

What women should wear for a head shot

Women should choose clothing that is simple, professional, and flattering. When selecting an outfit for a head shot, it’s important to keep in mind that the focus should be on the face and not the clothing. Avoid overly busy patterns and go for solid colors that won’t distract from the face. Choose clothing with a neckline that frames the face and is not too low-cut. The clothing should also fit properly and be wrinkle-free. Finally, avoid wearing overly large jewelry or accessories.

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What men should wear for a head shot

Men should wear a collared shirt when they are getting their professional headshot taken. A shirt in a solid color is ideal. It should be free of logos and patterns. A tie isn’t necessary, but it can add a bit of sophistication to the photo. Choose neutral or muted colors like grey, navy blue, or black. If a man wants to add a bit of color, a subtle pattern can be used. It’s also important to wear well-fitting clothing. Make sure everything is fitting properly and isn’t too baggy or too tight. To complete the look, men should make sure their hair is neat and combed.


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