As high school seniors embark on their Senior Year, there’s undeniable excitement in the air. What better way to commemorate this significant moment than with a personalized senior portrait session? At Sunnvalley Studio, located in the picturesque town of Columbia, NH, Roxanne Herres, a seasoned professional photographer with over a decade of experience, specializes in capturing the essence of high school seniors. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to prepare for a senior session at Sunnvalley Studio, ensuring that your portraits truly reflect your unique personality and style.

Research and Inspiration

Before your senior session, take some time to explore different senior portrait styles, poses, and locations. Browse through magazines, websites, or social media platforms to gather inspiration. Consider the mood and atmosphere you want to convey in your photographs. Share your findings with Roxanne during your consultation, so she can tailor the session to meet your vision.


At Sunnvalley Studio, Roxanne believes that a consultation is an essential step in preparing for a successful senior portrait session. It allows her to understand your preferences, personality, hobbies, and interests. During this discussion, you can express your ideas, ask questions, and discuss any specific requirements or concerns you may have. Roxanne will guide you through the process, providing expert advice on clothing choices, locations, and the overall flow of the session.

Wardrobe Selection

Choosing the right wardrobe is crucial for a senior session that showcases your individuality and style. Start by selecting outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. Consider incorporating different styles, colors, and textures to add variety to your portraits. Roxanne advises bringing a range of outfits, including casual, formal, and outfits that reflect your personal interests or extracurricular activities. Don’t forget to coordinate accessories and footwear to complete each ensemble.

Grooming and Beauty

To look your best in your senior portraits, it’s essential to pay attention to grooming and beauty preparations. Get a fresh haircut or trim a week before the session to allow for any adjustments. Ensure that your nails are neat and clean, as they may feature in close-up shots. For makeup, go for a natural and polished look that enhances your features without overpowering them. If you’re not comfortable doing your own makeup, consider hiring a professional makeup artist to give you that extra touch of confidence.

Location Selection

Columbia, NH, and its surrounding areas offer a wealth of picturesque locations for senior portraits. Whether you prefer a rustic outdoor setting, a vibrant urban backdrop, or something more unique to your personality, Roxanne will work with you to select the perfect location that aligns with your vision. If you have a specific place in to you, don’t hesitate to share it with Roxanne during the consultation. She will assess the location’s feasibility and work with you to bring your desired backdrop to life.

Time of Day and Lighting

The right lighting can make a significant difference in the overall mood and quality of your senior portraits. Roxanne will consider the time of day and natural lighting conditions when scheduling your session. Early morning or late afternoon sessions often offer softer, more flattering light. However, if you have a specific time in mind or want to experiment with dramatic lighting, don’t hesitate to discuss it with Roxanne. Her expertise in lighting techniques will ensure that you shine in every shot.

Poses and Expressions

Posing can sometimes feel awkward or unnatural, especially if you’re not used to being in front of the camera. That’s where Roxanne’s experience and guidance come in. She will help you feel at ease and guide you through a variety of poses that showcase your personality and bring out your best features. Roxanne encourages seniors to be themselves, allowing their genuine expressions and emotions to shine through in the photographs.

Relax and Enjoy the Experience

Remember, your senior portrait session is not just about the final images; it’s an experience to be cherished. Embrace the moment and enjoy the process. Roxanne creates a comfortable and relaxed environment, ensuring that you feel at ease throughout the session. Trust in her expertise and let your true self come through. The more relaxed and authentic you are, the more incredible your senior portraits will turn out.

Involvement of Family and Friends

While the focus is on the senior during the session, it can be meaningful to involve family members or close friends in some photographs. Consider including siblings, parents, or even beloved pets to capture the bond and support that has shaped your high school journey. Roxanne will gladly accommodate group shots and make sure everyone feels included and valued.

Print and Display Your Portraits

Once your senior pictures are ready, it’s time to showcase them proudly. Roxanne offers a range of high-quality print products and wall art options, including albums, canvases, and framed prints. These tangible keepsakes will allow you to relive the memories and proudly display your accomplishments for years to come. Preparing for a senior session at Sunnvalley Studio with Roxanne Herres is an opportunity to celebrate your achievements, personality, and unique style. By conducting thorough research, communicating your vision, and following these preparation tips, you’ll set the stage for a memorable and personalized experience. Roxanne’s expertise and passion for capturing the essence of high school seniors will ensure that your portraits reflect your true self. So, get ready to step in front of the camera, embrace the moment, and let your senior portraits become a treasured memento of this important chapter in your life.

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