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Personal Story

Roxanne Herres is a true inspiration, starting her journey as a web designer in 2017 and steadily building her company into a thriving photography studio. Her exceptional skills and unwavering determination have made Sunnvalley LLC a go-to destination for stunning photography.

A proud native of Northern NH, Roxanne is a true adventurer, and her love for the great outdoors is evident in every picture she takes. Whether capturing the beauty of a winter wonderland or the vibrancy of autumn foliage, Roxanne’s stunning photographs transport you to a magical world.

When she’s not busy creating art, she can be found indulging in her favorite outdoor activities, like running, biking, and snowmobiling. Roxanne’s love for her family and furry friends is also palpable; she cherishes every moment spent with them.

Roxanne’s passion for photography and life continues to make a mark in the industry and inspire everyone around her.

Professional Photography

Roxanne, a seasoned professional in the field of photography, possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of lighting, posing, color, and composition. Her mastery of these fundamental elements has become almost instinctual, allowing her to concentrate on guiding her clients through their photo sessions, resulting in naturally-styled poses, expressions, and connections.

The atmosphere she creates during a session is enjoyable and relaxed, enhancing the overall experience for her clients. Her photography style is authentic and natural, yet refined, giving each photograph a unique and polished look.

By offering an array of close-up and scenic styles, Roxanne provides clients with a diverse selection of photographs from which to choose. Her artwork is perfect for decorating walls, making cherished gifts for loved ones, or preserving special memories through customized keepsakes such as albums. With Roxanne’s photography, you can capture and preserve those significant moments in time that will be cherished for a lifetime.


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Sunnvalley Studio

Sunnvalley’s studio boasts a remarkable feature – the ability to capture an extensive range of captivating portraits both indoors, outdoors, and in nearby surroundings with remarkable swiftness. Additionally, Roxanne is ever-willing to pack up and embark on an exciting adventure to shoot on-location.

Situated in Columbia, NH, Sunnvalley is a year-round, full-time, and full-service photography studio that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Roxanne guarantees an enjoyable and seamless photography experience while producing stunning art that immortalizes your legacy.


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