Sunnvalley Studio: Blog en-us Sunnvalley Studio (Sunnvalley Studio) Mon, 18 Apr 2022 13:43:00 GMT Mon, 18 Apr 2022 13:43:00 GMT Sunnvalley Studio: Blog 86 120 Pet-Friendly Portrait Studio Sunnvalley is a pet-friendly portrait studio.  This weekend we had three visitors!  Bella's birthday was celebrated by documenting her big day with professional portrait session. I was able to coordinate my backdrop with the props that Bella's mom brought. 

Our studio has over 20 backdrops to choose from and with our new flooring installed early spring we are able to expand our options. 

Having the background tucked back made it much easier for our wiggly friends to move around in the studio. 

One thing I did learn from this session was to block off the stairs and put the cords up over the lights, allowing them even more freedom to roam.  Pet Portrait SessionPet-friendly studioDog Portraits

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Sunnvalley's Fans! "We can’t thank you enough Roxanne! These photos are gorgeous and we can’t wait to see the rest! 😍😍 I highly recommend Sunnvalley Studio for any photo needs in the Northern NH area!"  Emily Rae Kudlacik

"Thank you Roxanne R. Herres for such quick last minute service! You're the best!!"
- Heather Little

"I've been "sneaking a peek" of your work Roxanne. You are so talented and your pictures are ALL beautiful!! I ALMOST wish one of my kids was a senior this year so we could have portraits done! What amazing memories you are capturing for all of your clients!! You have a gift." - Vickie King

"You don't know me,but I just looked at some of your photos and they are beautiful!!  I'm from Canaan VT myself and now live in Bethlehem NH.  But if I ever need any work done I will be calling you!!" - Lucie Cummings

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Spring Portrait Session I love seeing how families grow and change. Here is a family who comes every year, and we always have a great time together. Sometimes the children can be a little shy at first, but that's typical with family sessions in general.  

While I am setting up backdrops and seating, this gives the family a chance to look around and get comfortable in the studio. I start to direct a little but also let the kids have some choices about seating and props. This helps us interact a bit. I try to be careful about making them feel "on the spot" too much or for long periods. We break things up by choosing different backgrounds, seating, and props.

I also like to mix up who will be in the shots. Eventually, the kids catch on to how it works through repetition, and by the end, we are getting some more relaxed expressions and easy smiles from everyone. Sometimes we end the sessions with treats!

I like to get the session edited and online within a week or two. At this point, the parents can order from their online gallery or schedule an ordering appointment with me. This family ordered what they wanted at the end of their session. 


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How to prepare your kids for a photoshoot! SUN_7574 ESUN_7574 E Every parent wants to capture their child's growth and milestones through photos.

However, before the photo session itself, there are some things you can do to help prepare your kids for it. Below, I will discuss some key factors in preparing your children for their photo session.

What poses to consider for your child's photoshoot?

There are a lot of poses out there that will work great for any kid.Here is a list of a few poses to help you get the best photo from your kids:

Run around and play pose: The more active the kids are during the session, the better the pictures. When kids are having fun, they can't help but show it in their photographs.

Silly face pose: Kids are naturally silly, so this pose will usually work after their first couple of shots. Kids love to make silly faces. Just let kids be kids, and they will do just fine.

Sitting still pose: This pose will be a little harder on parents. For this pose to work, I suggest bringing activities like toys or games, And snacks to the photoshoot with your kids. This way, kids can easily sit still while playing with their favorite things and not notice how long they have been sitting there.

Loving pose with the family: This pose is excellent for kids of all ages because it shows kids in a caring environment with their families. Even if kids go through the "terrible two's" phase, this picture will show kids smiling and happy with their families.

The best time of day for your child's photo session?

The best time of day will depend on your child; most kids wake up full of energy and excitement in the morning. If you're going for a more energetic pose, you will want to take the picture in the morning. But if you choose the sitting still pose, you will want to take it in the evening when they are less energetic, making them sit still for longer.

The most important factor to remember is that this is a great moment to capture of your child; no matter how the picture comes out, it will be memorable.

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New Winter Photos Added New winter images added to our winter gallery. These images can be ordered as digitals for your marketing needs or you can have the printed on metal, canvas or have them framed up.


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All New Portrait Bundles Sunnvalley has updated our pricing.  We have simplified our sessions.  Portrait session include 4 types. Mini, Studio, Studio Plus and Location.  Senior sessions include 4 different types as well.  You can customize any of these sessions by adding guests, time, or travel and design any type of session you'd like. 



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