Newborn Session

Join me, whether at my studio or a location of your choice, for an enchanting newborn session filled with tenderness and wonder. Every session reflects the expertise and artistry of the photographer, with secure access to a personalized online gallery. This gallery serves as a platform not only for sharing these priceless moments with your loved ones but also for conveniently ordering your preferred digital images. We have samples of what we sell in our studio.

Newborn sessions include up to 2-4 guests with the flexibility to personalize your experience by adding additional guests, extending the session’s duration, or choosing your desired location.

Upon concluding your session, you’ll have the chance to explore our array of supplementary packages and à la carte options, providing you with the means to further enrich and immortalize your treasured memories.

Mini Session $50.00

15-20 Minutes
Inside or outside the studio
1-2 People, $5.00 per extra
No Outfit Changes

Studio Session $85.00

30 Minutes
Inside and outside the studio
1-4 people, $5.00 per extra
Unlimited outfit changes

Studio Plus $110

45 Minutes
At the studio plus 1 location within a mile
1-4 people, $5.00 per extra
Unlimited outfit changes

Location $118

45 Minutes
One location within 5 miles
Extra miles, $1.10 per mile
1-4 people, $5.00 per person
Unlimited outfit changes

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