Photographer Roxanne Herres Sunnvalley LLC. Photographer Roxanne HerresProfessional portrait and commercial photographer of Sunnvalley LLC. Professional Photographer

Welcome to Sunnvalley, a full-time photography studio.

Sunnvalley is a four-season, full-time, full-service photography studio located in Columbia, NH that is committed to serving their customers!

Professional photographer Roxanne Herres is an expert in lighting, posing, color, and composition.  These aspects are second nature to her, allowing her to focus more on guiding clients through a session to get naturally styled poses, expressions, and connections. This is accomplished in a fun and relaxed way.
Photographing, editing, and printing a series of closeup and scenic styles will
give you a variety of work to choose from. Roxanne creates beautiful art for your walls, fun gifts to share with loved ones, and customized keepsakes such as albums so that you can cherish these moments in time forever.

Unique to Sunnvalley’s studio is the variety of portraits that can be achieved inside, outside, and nearby the studio in a short amount of time.  Of course, Roxanne is always up for an adventure and packing up some gear to go on location.

Roxanne offers an easy and fun experience while creating the most beautiful art to preserve your legacy.