Question: Does my session come with digitals?

Answer: Sunnvalley believes in customizing your experience to fit your needs.  Not everyone wants digital incorporated in the price of their sessions (I've tried this method).  We price everything separately.  Sessions, prints, digitals are all available and sold separately.  If you just want social media images, these come free with each pose you choose to print. 


Question:  When is the best time of day to book a session. 

Answer: 1-2 hours before sunrise or sunset is the best on sunny days.  Overcast days, anytime is fine. 


Question:  Do you travel? 

Answer: Yes, mileage is $1.10 per mile. If it's really far we can work out a price, or travel arrangements.  


Question: Do you work on weekends?  

Answer: Yes.  


Question:  Do you do weddings or events?  

Answer: Not at this time.  


Question:  Are pets allowed.  

Answer: Absolutely.  If they are not friendly, please keep them on a leash at all times.