I understand how difficult it can be to coordinating schedules, clothing, and people for a session.  Then what do you do with professional photos?  Understandably you might keep putting this off. Life gets busy, BUT you know how important it is to make time and get together with loved ones.  Getting your photos done together is an experience to remember.

I will help you remove the barriers.

I will help walk you through the entire process, choosing the best time of day, what to wear, session type, how to pose, when to smile, and what to do with your photos after.  Basically you just need to show up!  I am pretty laid back, and taking photos is second nature to me, so it basically it will feel like we are just hanging out, except you will be looking  gorgeous and I will be creating beautiful art for you. 

I am working on a guide that you can download, but in the mean time I can do a free consult to get you started.